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Engineers in Groval company have a lot of experience with software development for factory production lines. They performed commissioning of acid regeneration plants, push pickling lines, galvanizing lines, annealing lines, aluminum pickling lines, and walking beam furnaces.

They can provide you with the following services:

  • PLC programming 
  • Library design 
  • Visualization (HMI/SCADA) 
  • Commissioning and implementation services
  • Software development
  • Circuit diagram design
  • Electrical installation
  • Project documentation
  • Automation consulting 
  • Trainings

18 years of experience with automation solutions and software development 
in 16 countries
on 4 continents.

Our engineers have served as commissioning, implementation, and electrical leaders on various projects in the USA, China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Germany, France, Zambia, Pakistan involving commissioning of automation systems, mathematical models, and HMIs in stainless and carbon steel lines.

They performed software installation of automation equipment, start-up and commissioning of automation equipment, and the optimization of electrical systems and equipment.